New Vegan Menu at Buddies Restuarants.

For any Northamptonshire locals, you’ve probably heard of Buddies USA diners. It’s long been known for having a huge menu with so many options- my friends and I often joke that you could go to there every week for a year and have something different every time. However, despite the numerous options on the menu, we didn’t tend to waver much from our usual choices. I’d go for the spicy bean burger (which, in fact, was not very spicy at all), and did get a bit tired of having the same thing.

Buddies new vegan vegetarian menu

England is definitely feeling chilly recently, and so having some herbal tea options on the new menu would’ve been nice- especially for those choosing to avoid caffeine. As they only had the standard English breakfast tea and coffees available, my mum opted for a cranberry juice (and a mug of hot water), whilst I just had orange juice.

In 2019, when we are all well aware of the impact of plastic in our oceans, it was surprising to see the restaurant still using plastic straws. I’m now so used to places either not providing straws or using paper (or less often, biodegradable) straws, that it wasn’t expected. It’s a small change that I think would be easy to implement. On another environmental waste note, I’m not sure why there’s the use of additional paper on the plates. I’m guessing it’s to make clearing and cleaning dishes easier, but it felt unnecessary to me.

Buddies orange and cranberry juice drinks

Anyway, let’s focus on the food. For my main I chose the beetroot, red pepper, and quinoa burger. (Considering I’m not the biggest beetroot lover, I’ve certainly written about it a few times on the blog.) I thought it was really delicious and wouldn’t hesitate to get it again. I think the quinoa helped to create a unique texture. The actual burger bun was nice, too. They now use a pretzel bun, which I prefer more than their previous ones. I also added vegan cheese to my burger, since I saw it was an optional extra. I’m not a vegan cheese expert, so couldn’t tell what brand it might’ve been, but it was good enough for me. As I’m not always one for vegan cheese though, I imagine I’d usually order the burger again without it.

Another thing to note is that the price of the food has increased. The burgers also now don’t come with the option of another side (salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, coleslaw), and instead these are now extra sides that have to be paid for.

Vegan Falafel and Spinach Burger with onion rings

After a pretty filling burger and chips, I still couldn’t say no to dessert- especially as brownies are a particular weakness of mine. The vegan chocolate and orange brownie cake looked tempting, and definitely seemed like the nicest dessert on the vegan menu. The waitress also said that she liked it, so that was reassuring. She let me know that they didn’t have vanilla ice cream available that day (which is what the brownie cake should usually come with), but had the options of chocolate or salted caramel. Although chocolate cake or brownies are a classic combo with vanilla ice cream, I went with salted caramel.

Buddies vegan chocolate orange brownie

Although the picture may not make it out to look as nice as it was, I’m pretty sure that dessert was even better than my main. I don’t have caramel ice cream a lot, so I think that made it even more special.

Have you tried out the revamped Buddies USA? Would love to know what you thought of the changes!


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